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First, listen to this interview with Trisha Springstead. You will learn everything there is to know about the true story on the ground in the gulf, with some residents, like Kindra Arnesson, attending a funeral every week from the BP fallout.

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We found this comment posted to an article on National Geographic showing damage from the oil, and thought it worth ensconcing here:
Real Coastal Warriors

October 14, 2011

These images are incredible, but it does not renew the sickening horror experienced throughout this disaster that continues to this day in spite of BP’s arrogance and flagrant disregard for the truth in their daily “happiness” promotion of the Gulf. With new evidence showing the false statements made by the FDA and BP regarding seafood safety, the cover-up and inconsistencies from the US Coast Guard and BP, and the general lack of concern about the health and future about the Gulf, it’s inhabitants and it’s people, the darkest chapters of this horror are yet to be written.