Scientists and Doctors Sound Alarm Over Health Dangers of Oil Spill Dispersants

Read the latest update on the Gulf from Dahr Jamail here

“Where do dispersants go? The earth is a closed ecosystem; there is nowhere to go. Nothing leaves the planet. Once they are sprayed, they don’t go away.”

experts in several areas painted a grim picture of the profound effects of the dispersants on the environment, wildlife and humans, as well as their ongoing human health and environmental impacts in the Gulf of Mexico since the BP crisis.

…[dispersants] contain an “emulsifier that allows chemicals deeper penetration into tissues and cells.”

“Dispersants disrupt both bacterial and human cell membranes,” Mathis explained. “Damage disrupts cell functions, leading to cell failure, and may cause cancers and death. All living things are damaged, including groundwater.”

BP’s Material Safety Data Sheets for Corexit, which were widely available throughout the oil industry well in advance of the BP disaster, warned that the dispersant posed high and immediate human health hazards, but the company, of course, used it anyway


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