Message from Lorrie Williams

WE are one of those famlies that lost our Blue Crab business, They have killed everything, Sea Turles dead all along the beaches, Dolphins laying dead and rottening on the beaches. My family is sickened by the crap they pumped on us. Pancretitis, My 10 year old at the time tested the highest for the chemicals from both the oil and Corexit. I have went from healthly at 174 in 2010 to 123 lbs and with the Pancrestitis and lung mass. My Mother died from cancer in August 2013. Our neighbors all around us are dieing of Cancer. WE are not ok. We live in Ocean Springs Ms and have pictures of them spraying our house, our pond was tested and it was there.DO NOT EAT THE SEA FOOD COMING FROM THE GULF

[Editor’s note: this comment comes from a beautiful woman known to many who have followed the ‘spill’. This news is just heartbreaking. It was found in a comment from 4 months ago on this video. Please send prayers to all in the gulf.]


More, these found at this article


2 thoughts on “Message from Lorrie Williams

  1. My name is Lorrie Williams and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I received this message because of a google Alert and have to let you know that we on the Pacific Coast are fighting like hell to keep tankers away from our Coast. My heart goes out to you people on the Gulf.


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