Gulf Coast residents cite evidence of ongoing oil spills as BP faces civil trial

Listen to Bonnie Schumaker interview here: Free Speech Radio News

In New Orleans, the civil trial for the BP oil disaster continued today with the vice president for Halliburton testifying on his company’s role in providing cementing services for BP’s Macondo well. The well exploded in April 2010, killing 11 workers and triggering a massive, ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The trial is aimed at determining the negligence of BP in the accident and so far has featured executives and lawyers from BP, Halliburton and Transocean sparring over who is to be held responsible.

Meanwhile, the slow recovery for Gulf residents, wildlife and the environment continues. This week advocacy groups said the EPA had violated the Clean Water Act in its heavy use of the oil dispersant Corexit following the disaster. They say this makes the oil spill less visible but creates a potentially toxic mix that endangers marine wildlife and threatens the food chain. Local residents are also citing evidence of ongoing pollutants in coastal waters.

One group that has been flying small planes across the Gulf to monitor the area is called On Wings of Care and we’re joined by Dr. Bonny Schumaker, who is founder and president of the non-profit. She joins us from New Orleans to talk about what they’ve been seeing. To view photos and videos of recent trips over the Gulf Coast, click: On Wings of Care


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