Updates on the BP Trial, March 2013

BP’s false oil flow claims may have delayed plugging of Macondo well, Transocean claims

BP Macondo well drilled in fragile rock formation prone to earthquakes, geoscientist testifies

BP trial to release dollars and data – Financial Times
Civil trial for BP oil spill begins – Al Jazeera
Should BP Get Corporate Death Penalty?
George Barisich, Gulf Coast Fisherman, Criticizes BP’s Response To Oil Spill As Trial Begins
BP Disaster discussed on Coast to Coast AM – March 1, 2013
The Risk is Too Damn High… The Real Story of BP’s Oil Spill

With BP still the largest supplier of fuel to the Pentagon, can we really expect that justice will be done?

Don’t miss MSNBC’s Mellisa Harris-Perry‘s great show on the BP trial and disaster from March 3, 2013 here

BP could reap billions of dollars in tax credits from oil spill settlement | al.com
BP Still Being Awarded Lucrative Government Contracts Truthout
BP Will “Kill Again,” Former EPA Officials, Attorney Warn Truthout


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