Proof BP’s Well is NOT Capped as They Say It Is

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From the YouTube video:

Please join us in demanding an Immediate & Public survey of the Relief Well D and the surrounding seabed in the Gulf of Mexico.

PLEASE sign the online petition:…

The government documentation provided in this video Prove beyond any reasonable doubt that BP is lying about the status of the Relief Well D in the Gulf of Mexico that was drilled as a means to ‘kill’ the original Macondo well that blew. The Relief Well D was reportedly sealed by BP in September 2010. Why and how was a BOP Test ran on a ‘permanently sealed’ and capped well? That my friends is physically IMPOSSIBLE! So, now that you know, are you going to allow our government to continue covering up for BP and allowing them to manage their Own Crime Scene? Or are you going to be a voice of courage and reason?

Links to publicly available documents at BOERME:

WAR Reports


End of Ops

Again, a sincere Thank You to Shirley Tillman, Lorie Williams, Laurel Lockamy, and Trisha James. Also Thank You Dahr Jamail reporter and Erika Blumenfeld photographer for AlJazeera and all the Gulf Warriors who are continuing to report the ongoing depth of the true devastation in the Gulf of Mexico due to BP’s disasterous explosion of the Deep Water Horizon.

This research and accompanying petition are solely the expressed opinion of Rhea Aker.


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