BP Oil May Be Showing Up on Beachgoers’ Skin


“But with an ultraviolet light, geologist James “Rip” Kirby has found evidence that the oil is still present, and possibly still a threat to beachgoers…

“If I had grandkids playing in the surf, I wouldn’t want them to come in contact with that,” said Kirby, whose research is being overseen by the University of South Florida. “The dispersant accelerates the absorption by the skin.”

Video by HOPE (on Twitter: SeasideOil)

From WUSF News

It may look like the it’s gone — but oil from the BP spill may be mixing with dispersants and being absorbed into your body.

That’s the disturbing revelation from a USF researcher in a story by Craig Pittman of the Tampa Bay Times.

Photos show that under a blue light, oily spots remain on the skin after bathing on panhandle beaches — even after a shower.

The two-year anniversary of the BP oil spill is later this week.

Pittman’s story also says dolphins are dying at a heightened rate and some fish species are showing DNA damage.

Geologist Rip Kirby examined the skin of a graduate student who swam in the gulf and then showered. Under regular light, his skin seemed clean, but ultraviolet light revealed orange blotches — dispersant-mixed oil.

Oil from Deepwater Horizon spill still causing damage in gulf 2 years later, scientists find
From the Times story:

The oil he found lies in what’s called the swash zone, just below where the waves lap against the sand. When a “plunge step” forms there, small flakes of weathered oil or even large tar patties settle there, mingled with shell debris, he found.

Studies have found that the dispersant used to break up the oil slick, Corexit, can be toxic to the bacteria that would normally gobble up oil in the gulf. That’s why the oil is still showing up two years later, he said. When Corexit bound with the oil, it prevented bacteria from consuming it.

The concentrations of toxic hydrocarbons in the flakes and patties are above the level considered to be dangerous under federal standards, he said. That’s what makes him so concerned about how quickly the dispersant-mixed oil absorbs into human skin.

Oil is affecting sealife too, resulting in low seafood catches. Read more here.

Also from SHRIMPMAN, a photo of sick Gulf fish:


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