Oil continues to wash up in LA – BP lies about amount

A friend near the Gulf has been keeping us posted. Today (1.04.12) he writes,

“As promised, this is the oil that BP and Coast Guard acknowledge is in just one very small area; that’s several times greater than the 4 miles BP is reporting on it’s web page and FB page. If you look at the small map in the top left hand corner, it will give you an idea of what a small area is shown on the larger map. This is without addressing the barrier islands and tar mats that cover the bottom of our coast. Feel free to use and credit: Plaquemines Parish officials in Louisiana via the Coast Guard/BP. This was received Friday so it is the most up-to-date oil impact map.”




Here’s the link to BP’s dumb map where they claim only 4 miles left to be cleaned.

(pictured below)



BP wrote on their Facebook page:

“BP and crews originally surveyed more than 4,300 miles of Gulf Coast shoreline to look for oil impact; of those, 635 miles required treatment and 631 have been cleaned. Now, we are focused on actively cleaning the few remaining miles.”

SEE ALSO Macondo Still Leaks – BP Catastrophe

BP’s Macondo well is still leaking. Matt Simmons explains why.


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