Deepwater site still leaking, fish have tumors, shrimp with no eyes ~ did BP kill the Gulf?

Longtime seafood businessman says he’s closing shop:

Oil expert Matt Simmons (2 weeks before his untimely death while relaxing in his hot tub) says BP killed the Gulf of Mexico:

Comment from one of our readers:

Today is Thursday September 29, 2011. A friend of mine just returned from Venice, Louisiana on a fact finding mission. He spent 2 days there and talked to dozens of fishermen and BP contractors and Coast Guard personnel and there is alot of oil at the Deepwater Horizon-Macondo well site. It is not a sheen, It is several inches thick in some spots. A chemical analysis has confirmed it is Macondo oil.There is alot of activity in Venice and resources are being ramped up.
Word is that geological formation above oil deposit is unstable and oil is leaking from fissures around wellhead. All sealife on ocean bottom is dead according to Woods Hole Oceanograpic Institute in 30+ mile radius from site and Corexit dispersant is present in large amounts. According to Sergio Alex Villalobos who is a toxicologist for Nalco, the company that makes Corexit,”Once It’s mixed with oil,that’s where you get the most impact, that’s were you see most of the toxicity”.
He was quoted in the September 2010 issue of Scientific American magazine on page 26. There are alot of sick people that worked on the initial oil spill cleanup and residents in many coastal towns and cities that are sick. This is the second inning of a long nightmare and anyone who signed a release to get a ‘quickpay’ from BP and their minion Fienberg should hire a lawyer asap and hope they can get their release annulled. BP top brass are sociopaths… “

From Stuart Smith’s blog, some updates:

In Pictures: Lawsuits Mount Against BP

In a key investigative report released on September 14, the US government heaped most of the blame for last year’s massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on BP. The British company now faces a raft of criminal and civil litigation and billions of dollars in potential damages.

FDA’s Bad Science: Agency Allows Unsafe Levels of Contaminants in Seafood

Is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) looking out for your health? Not nearly enough. According to our new study, published today in the scientific journalEnvironmental Health Perspectives.

ABC: Gulf Shrimpers Still Reeling, Is BP Spill to Blame?

The demise of the gulf’s minnowlike killifish could be the start of an ecological tsunami, experts are warning.

4 Dead Dolphins Wash Up on Gulf Coast Beaches in 5 Days; Deaths Part of ‘Unusual Mortality Event’

A dolphin carcass, bloated and violet in the morning sun, was found on Fort Morgan early Saturday, bringing the number lost since the BP oil spill to more than 400.

 *Update* from Stuart Smith Blog on the leaking Macondo site.

7 thoughts on “Deepwater site still leaking, fish have tumors, shrimp with no eyes ~ did BP kill the Gulf?

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  3. Oil Spill Eater II The US Coast Guard stated action should be taken immediately to use OSE II on the BP spill.

    U. S. Department
    of Homeland Security
    United States
    Coast Guard

    Commanding Officer 1 Chelsea Street
    U. S. Coast Guard New London, CT 06320
    Research and Development Center Staff Symbol: Contracting Office
    Phone: (860) 271-2807

    July 10, 2010

    OSEI Corporation
    P.O. Box 515429
    Dallas, TX 75251

    Attn: Steven Pedigo, President/Owner


    We are pleased to inform you that the initial screening of your White Paper submitted under Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) HSCG32-10-R-R00019 has been completed. It has been determined that your White Paper submission has a potential for benefit to the spill response effort.

    Your White Paper has been forwarded to the Deepwater Horizon Response Federal On-Scene Coordinator (FOSC) for further action under its authority. Subject to the constraints and needs of the ongoing oil spill response, you may be contacted by the FOSC or the responsible party.

    We appreciate your interest in supporting the Deepwater Horizon Response effort.

    Contracting Officer /s/
    USCG R&D Center


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