Interview with Dr. Riki Ott on the situation in the Gulf of Mexico

Part 1: How Riki got involved in helping with oil spill aftermath & her history with Exxon Valdez.  At 11:52 she begins to talk about the Gulf of Mexico residents getting sick from toxic air:

Part 2: Riki talks about BP hiding animal carcasses to save on fines.  And about BP’s continued use of Corexit while lying about it.  Here is the website she mentions ~ Phoenix Rising From The Gulf and the diagrams of the seabed floor fracture, proving that the seabed is leaking methane hydrates. (See also: BP official admits to damage beneath the seafloor)

She speaks about the health crisis in the Gulf, “I believe everybody along the coastline was exposed to dangerous levels of dangerous chemicals, meaning they will get sick.”

She says the fishermen know the seafood isn’t safe to eat, they believe the fishing was opened prematurely.

Q: Can we reverse the damage done by this disaster?

A: ‘I think everyone should be calling their local media telling them “I want this story covered” And this should be a time where we yell with one voice Get Off Oil

Riki: “All eyes on the Gulf – it’s way too early for everyone to forget it.”

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