Ex BP cleanup worker speaks: people are sick and dying in the Gulf

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This young woman, Jennifer Rexford, BP-hired oil cleanup worker, is documenting her illness from the toxins in the gulf with her video camera. If you think it’s just headaches or something like that, watch this. Severe neurological damage. Doctors and hospitals refuse to acknowledge this with anyone there who’s sick.  And there are apparently tens of thousands now.

Paul Doomm is mentioned twice in this video.  He is a 22 year old who swam in and ate from the Gulf all summer, against his grandmother’s advice.  He has been hospitalized after seeing 94 doctors who don’t know what to do for him.  His  blood had the highest amount of PAH’s ever documented.  You can see Paul in this video (he’s the one in the wheelchair).

In this 2/21/11 video, Jennifer’s eye is swollen shut. She shows the results of a blood workup for Gulf chemicals and she is loaded with them. She also shows her hospital record, where she was diagnosed for stroke. The hospitals will not admit people are sick and dying from the chemicals in the gulf.

Jennifer Rexford on Youtube

Update on Jennifer Rexford

“BP Crud” makes local news ~ interview with Paul Doomm & Wilma Subra

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42 thoughts on “Ex BP cleanup worker speaks: people are sick and dying in the Gulf

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  2. I cleaned up the bp oil spill and have been going through so many changes with my body. I feel that we have been forgotten and no body cares. What were going through should make national news. I have had diarrhea since I cleaned up the oil 5 years ago and I used to be the polar opposite. I have headaches nausea dizziness tingling in my hands and right after I worked on the oil spill I lost pigment in a spot on my neck thats bare white which came up right after working out there. Also I was diagnosed by a doc for my eyes they call it dry eye syndrome which makes my eyes itch so bad I want to claw them out. I dont understand why big media outlets arent all over this. If by media reports Exxon Valdeez clean up workers are dead and Corexit was used BP new that shit wasnt safe. We didn’t have the right personal protective equipment because BP didnt want to scare anymore money from the economy and we are paying the cost. THEY PUT MONEY BEFORE OUR LIVES. if it took ten years to clean up Exxon’s oil spilll and BPs is ten times worse how did they clean it up so fast they didnt. Its still at the bottom of the gulf. BP does not care if your child swims or eats seafood and catches cancer or gets sick as long as it doesn’t cost them any money. I wish the ceo of BP would dip his ass in oil and corexit and telk us all how he feels, bet he wouldnt. I feel so defeated it seems no one is helping us. Its impossible to find a doc to say yes this is from the oil. Ive had a lawsuit since 2011 and no one informed me I could have liver failure kidney failure rupturing of my red blood cells among many other things. BP with no hesitation will pay for medical monitoring of course so the places they hand selected will say we’re not sick from the oil. DONT GIVE UP IN YOUR FIGHT FOR JUSTICE DONT LET OUR VOICES BE MUFFLED OUT WE MUST STAND TOGETHER

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    • ANYONE whose health has been adversely affected by the oil spill and the Corexit used to treat it NEEDS to know this and take these forms to their doctor. Quoting Trisha Springstead “I am going to simply tell you that if you are ill from the effects of the ‪#‎BP‬ GULF OIL SPILL these codes are written and documented codes, when Medicare Creates a code this means that the illness is REAL and it is a code that can be taken to your MD and to a Hospital. YOU MUST COPY ALL 6 PAGES in the link provided below, including the RED lines on the sheet and read this.” So Get your copiers going and run them off. If a hospital refuses to treat you then take this to ADMINISTRATION: FOLLOW THIS LINK: http://www.cms.gov/…/Gui…/Transmittals/Downloads/R2999CP.pdf

      What is an ICD-9 Code? CD-9-CM (International Classification of Diseases,, Clinical Modification) is a set of codes used by physicians, hospitals, and allied health workers to indicate diagnosis for all patient encounters. The ICD-9-CM is the HIPAA transaction code set for diagnosis coding.


      • These are Codes that I found after Robert Naman of Act Lab Gave his presentation. When these Codes exist it means that the Illness is REAL anything I can do to help please let me know.

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      Thanks to all who contributed, much thanks to Marylee Orr and Dr Mike, thanks to Patients who have shared with me and to everyone who has contributed to understanding this more clearly. This is a Cascade of Symptoms.
      Compromised Immune Systems and exacerbation of immune system problems (exacerbation means having an illness that was worsened, example if someone has asthma as a child or pulmonary illnesses, it can come back or worsen) Increased viral, bacterial and fungal infections.
      Lethargy and constantly feeling tired. Increased incidence of irritability, domestic violence to to LABILE EMOTIONS. ( Increased Alcoholism rates and drug usage) This is not to say everyone is a drug addict. Do not call them Addicts because the increase in toluene and other Chemicals and heavy metals, can mask the signs and presentation of Corexit and Gulf Oil Spill Illnesses.
      Vision impairment, Burning Eyes, Constant watering from the eyes ( often times during Prevailing winds and exposure to chemicals.)
      Drainage from the ears usually brownish in color. Tinnitus or (ringing in the ears) tinnitus can cause balance issues, ( example walking into walls and depth perception) can also cause increased nausea and vomiting.
      Acute respiratory problems, Coughing and persistent colds and “pneumonia” chemically induced pneumonia. Pulmonary and Reactive Airway illnesses. Diminished Oxygen Saturation below 95% at rest.
      Recurring skin rashes and lesions, spontaneous bruising, constant itching, small papules to Full Open Lesions.
      Cardiovascular complications, enlarged hearts, increased blood pressure
      Gastrointestinal impacts, Nausea and Vomiting, Elevated Liver enzymes, Liver Failure, Gall Bladder Sluggishness and Stones.
      Migraines with associated anxiety and depression. Some are very emotionally labile due to chemical toxicity.
      Endocrine Disruption……lowered sperm counts in men and in women changes in Menstrual Cycles. Increased numbers of Miscarriages.(Remember the Dolphins, they are our harbingers)
      The Endocrine system is a very complex system any breaks in that system can create a cascade effect of problems. Thyroid enlargement
      Inability to remember words and a conversation from the day before. Some can not remember what they had for dinner the night before. Short-term memory loss, longer term neurological difficulties, Seizures often due to the effects of Corexit mixed with the Hydrocarbons in the water. Also due to the affinity of these chemicals for the fat in the brain as the brain is 70% fat. Often times people will display a loss for words in the middle of a sentence this creates a lot of frustration. Loss of sense of time. ( Most patients I have interviewed can tell me the name of the president, are oriented to time, person and place so this tells me that they are not Psychotic or Delusional.)
      Numbness and Tingling and pain, in the feet and hands. Joint pain and Swelling.
      Inability to tolerate chemicals in Soaps and Detergents due to chemical toxicity overload.
      Hematological (blood borne Cancers) leukemia’s, Hodgkins Lymphomas
      Other long term effects that are just beginning to show up are birth defects in children born to mothers who were exposed to Corexit during the disaster – some affected as tangentially as washing clothes stained with oil. Recent local media reports cite rises in autism among coastal children who were in utero or very young during the cleanup.
      All of that from a dispersant famously declared by one BP spill supervisor in the heat of the disaster to be “as safe as dishwashing liquid.”
      ANYONE whose health has been adversely affected by the oil spill and the Corexit used to treat it NEEDS to know this and take these forms to their doctor.Springstead “I am going to simply tell you that if you are ill from the effects of the ‪#‎BP‬ GULF OIL SPILL these codes are written and documented codes, when Medicare Creates a code this means that the illness is REAL and it is a code that can be taken to your MD and to a Hospital. YOU MUST COPY ALL 6 PAGES in the link provided below, including the RED lines on the sheet and read this.” So Get your copiers going and run them off. If a hospital refuses to treat you then take this to ADMINISTRATION: FOLLOW THIS LINK:http://www.cms.gov/…/Gui…/Transmittals/Downloads/R2999CP.pdf

      What is an ICD-9 Code? CD-9-CM (International Classification of Diseases,, Clinical Modification) is a set of codes used by physicians, hospitals, and allied health workers to indicate diagnosis for all patient encounters. The ICD-9-CM is the HIPAA transaction
      Everyone should make a copy of all 6 pages and take those forms to their Clinic or to their ER’s

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  4. Just another scheme from Haliburton and other Corporations to do what they want without any kind of accountability. The only way for us as human beings. to defeat theese white collar criminals is on mass. It is time for a million people to march on the neighborhood of the rich find out were they live and take them and put them on trial and hold them responsible.Yes I am talking about Sick Honey, George Bush. both of them and any one else that profits from the death of innocent people.


  5. The National Institute of Health is conducting health exams and surveys and will monitor BP hazwoper trained individuals for a decade. Please call 1-855-644-4853 or log onto the website-
    The GuLF STUDY (or Gulf Long Term Follow-Up Study) is a health study for individuals who helped with the oil spill clean up, took training, signed up to work, or were sent to the Gulf to help in some way after the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is sponsoring this study. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) is leading this research with the support of many local community groups.
    The GuLF STUDY is designed to find answers to the questions that matter to oil spill clean-up workers and their community.
    Download the GuLF STUDY invitation letter, brochure, or
    privacy statement.


  6. Please blog, tweet and spread. The results are showing interesting information.

    Please take ten minutes of your time and fill out the following survey. It is for those who feel they have been affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. Comments, tests and photos are welcome!



  7. I disagree my son who was 19 when he worked on the spill in Kalamazoo or Marshall Mich worked with out protective gear for 2weeks before being given stuff to wear…He now has swollen lymph nodes in his neck and on his Chest CT they found nodules that they say the etiology is indeterminate..He is scheduled for a biopsy of the one on his neck in a week…what are the symptoms peeps are having…He was the person who climbed up on the tanker to check how full they were breathing in the chemicals for 2 weeks 12hrs A day 7 days a week…Anything you can tell me might help in his diagnoses.TY


  8. The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans With Disabilities Act, will require that the new fund set up to compensate Plaintiff Steering Committee attorneys, that withhold 6% of settlements, as ordered by Judge Barbier, BE JUSTIFICATION for these attorneys to provide extended representation to disabled claimants! Please bring this to the attention of US Senator Richard Shelby and others


  9. I am a paramedic that responded and worked as part of this spill, I was exposed and treated May 26-27 to unknown chemicals, and since that time have had many health problems, I am not looking for a meal ticket! I just want my medical bills paid, I owe thousands to hospitals and can afford to see a doctor anymore, I have headaches, memory loss, vision problems, menstrual cycle issues, cardiac issues, edema to my lower ext which start while on an extended 7 day beach clean up. I was denies any losses by BP stating that I did not have proof I was there, check your medical records you will find my name on every run report from that date and many more. I was dx with chemical induced bronchitis and conjunctivitis, and contact dermatitis. I am not looking to live free for the rest of my life, but this year alone I have lost of 50,000 in wages due to beening unable to do my job. Where are the politicans? Are you lining you pockets with money while my kids and I do with out????I just got my blood work results back….elevated levels of benzene, toluene, m,p-Xylene, hexane…..Really but according to the site BP guys we were not exposed I call BS…..


  10. Please read 10 Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas. Chaparral can be used to help detoxify the blood from on-going or long-term exposure through handling and breathing toxic chemicals (p. 76). ISBN 0934252483 Good luck and much love.


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  12. II am a ex BP oil spill clean up member and I am not looking for a “meal ticket:” as posted above. I would however like to be able to breathe!!! I hope that the ones with negative comments posted on here never have to wake up in the throws of an asthma attack and suffer the helpless feeling that you can not catch your breath and feel as though you are about to pass out.


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  16. My dad worked for BP (Amoco) for 30 years. He worked as a pumper in south Texas. He would test the oil by running it through his hands. No safety rules were posted at that time as far as danger. In 1984, after 5 months of retirement , he developed acute leukemia and died within 2 weeks of diagnosis. The doctors attending him wanted to do a tissue test after his death. It was full of benzene. Very shortly after, safety took a big jump in importance after my mother tried suing the company at the advice of his doctors. Of course the big guys won and my mom walked away with a small pittance. Anyone exposed to the crude oil should watch for leukemia.


  17. I know it sounds trivial but I’ve been reading about
    the effects of bentonite clay on toxins in the body, and how it can remove them. Perhaps these people who have been exposed to these chemicals might try using some and see if it helps their symptoms.
    Also deactivated charcoal is good at removing poisons from the body.
    It’s worth a try.


  18. Ya’ll are nuts and need to be medicated at the very least. The boogie man is not out to get you and Santa is not real. I bet that everyone of you VICTIMS out there are ready to settle a wrongful sickness case for an undisclosed amount of money. You will never see a dime so start looking elsewhere for your meal ticket. Perhaps a J J Job is the real answer to your problems. Grow a pair and get to work.


    • these are relief workers you goul.

      They were helping a disater-struck area and became ill because the chemicals the where using are more toxic than what they where cleaning up.

      You make it sound like these people are sitting at home on wellfare, cleaning their nails, when in reality they are probably outstanding members of society working to make this world a better place.

      Go troll somewhere else.


    • Justin,get back on YOUR meds. You sound like a BP PR worker. Or someone who does not know what chemicals do to living organisms. Take a spoonful of clorexit and see for yourself.


    • Justin, you not so smart me thinks. Seriously you obviously do not have a technical grasp on what is happening. Instead of worrying about testicles, read a book. You do know how to read, right? Geez I hope you can so you can enjoy this comment.


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  21. Please check out Gerson Therapy. It’s for cancer and is probably the best detox program known. It uses juicing. Please check it out.


  22. #1 – Don’t give up hope
    #2 – Meet w/a reputable herbalist or holistic doctor
    #3 – It ain’t over ’til it’s over


  23. Look here , countries fighting for democracy in the middle east. While you fight for democracy care that you do not let the evils of capitalism creep into your society take what our country has done and cast out the evils that we have. This is a tragedy all fueled by our greed for money.


    • I can see that some of what you say is true the greed for money, but what you dont see is the many , many people who are truly still hurting from this. Many homes are put up for sale, business are closed, bills going unpaid, all related to the bp oil spill in one way or the other. So, while some are greedy there are alot that are without relief still and with the way things are being handled, most likely want be any either.


  24. try the gerson therapy at gerson.org

    eating good and doing coffee enemas will clean out almost any toxins and your body could heal itself. let her know if anyone has contact with her


  25. Externalities like an oil spill often mete out far reaching pronouncements on the fragile balance of our ecosystem. Recent events in the Gulf of Mexico certainly go against sustainable development. The world body responsible in this connection must take a firm position. I’m inclined to believe Americans deserve better.


    • …When people are sick and dying from life-threatening pollution, human rights campaigners, environmentalists, marine biologists and Friends of the Earth must sponsor an independent investigation and make the findings public so the Government can be held accountable…and by the way…why is congress behaving like a lame duck?…Are oil corporations in America bigger than the State?…Are the laws of America selective as to who should obey?…If this is happening in a First World nation like America, what becomes of us in the Third World?


      • yes Dr., oil companies are bigger than the state. Look at how much they make compared to other countries! Then look at who owns the oil companies! then look at who owns our Congress and our President, and you will see that it all makes sense. I’m positive that Americans desrve better, the question is what are we going to do about it? When are we the people gonna start holding the elites accountable? taht is the real question.


  26. I’m seeing many corporate sock puppets posting at the Dr Ricky Ott page.


    These sock puppets are paid shills for the oil cos.They try to play down,and ridicule those who have been sickened by the oil spills around the world.When you read a person making excuses for the oil cos,or Monsanto,or the nuclear industry or…..know they are paid sock puppets,or misinformed ideological hacks.


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