Damages, Denial & Disappointment – BP Drilling Disaster – Jan. 20, 2011

Nine months ago today, BP changed the Gulf of Mexico and many lives forever

For continued updates on the Gulf, please check in on Florida Oil Spill Law often!

From YouTube: Ongoing series by the Gulf Restoration Network documenting the environmental and community impacts of the BP disaster. Take action to support the Gulf now at http://bpdrillingdisaster.org

Nine months after the BP drilling disaster, there are significant concerns about the claims process administered by Ken Feinberg. Coastal advocates point to inconsistencies from state and federal leaders on the issue of natural resource damages, which could negatively affect the ability of the environmental claims process to make the Gulf and coastal communities whole.

Featuring interviews with charter boat captain Zach Mouton, Vinh Tran of Boat People, SOS, and GRN’s Cyn Sarthou. Featuring music from Giant Cloud, Brass Bed and Generationals. Narrated by Tim Robbins.

Written and directed by Aaron Viles, Edited by Gino Kalkanoglu (NOLA Image Works), Produced by Jared Serigné.

Created with the generous support of the Vitalogy Foundation and the Wallace Global Fund.


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