Louisiana BP OIL Spill 8 Months – Feinberg and the $20 Billion Escrow fiasco

An update on the BP oil spill victims and the claims process. Again, only Al Jazeera is willing to cover the atrocities happening to our brothers and sisters living along the Gulf of Mexico. Is American media owned by and serving interests that would be hurt by these facts coming to light? Is the fact that the US government worked side by side with BP, lying for them and allowing a media blackout proof that whatever interests in charge of the media are also in charge of the government?

It’s been said that a free press is the sign of a healthy country.

Here’s how the American media is covering (spinning) the Gulf story:

“Feinberg paying oil spill claims faster than BP did” (money.cnn.com)

Rosy take on  Feinberg’s work from NYT: http://nyti.ms/hn9Gn5

The New York Times and Time magazine (both owned by AOL Time Warner) were the mainstream media outlets that touted the government’s “Oil’s All Gone!” lie in early August 2010.

New York Times REFUSES TO POST THE TRUTH ABOUT FEINBERG! http://bit.ly/g1bGlr

If you have only caught American media coverage, you may not realize how incredibly negative the independent reviews have been regarding Feinberg’s handling of the $20 Billion escrow meant to help the victims of BP/MMS.

He is being paid $850,000 a month, to the tune of $3.3 Million thus far, and recently revealed he plans to dole out only $6 Billion, returning the remainding $14 Billion to BP!

Here is Feinberg is his own words:




(As for seafood safety, NOAA recently had to re-close 4,200 square miles – petroleum balls and by-products are being found in the Gulf .)



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