Six Months Later: Oil Victims Abandoned, Oil Still Coming Ashore

NBC: Claims up, shrimp catches down at BP spill six-month mark

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

CNN revisits Florida shores six months after the Gulf oil spill began to discover that crude from BP’s offshore well remains buried beneath the sand.

Dr. Richard Snyder, a biologist from the University of West Florida, is leading a team that continues taking samples to search out the lingering signs of oil, whether contaminating tiny sea life or hidden in layers deep under the coastline. “It just isn’t going to go away over night. Six months and we’ve still got it,” he tells CNN.

A combination of a snow blower and farming sifter called the ‘Sand Shark’ is on hand to help clean the tar, but the machine only goes to a depth of six inches, and CNN shows that a layer of oil remains deep below that. Some conservationists argue that using that heavy machinery to dig deeper may do more harm to the environment than good, according to CNN.

From the Shores of Louisiana – Is gulf seafood safe?

In other words, according to Subra and other scientists, the acceptable levels of PAH in the Gulf’s marine life were raised simply to address the impacts of the BP spill. It smacks less of concern for long-term human health, and more about getting the economy going again.


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