Massive Horseshoe Crab Die Off in Cape Cod: Corexit poisoning?

From YouTube: August 20th I met my friend down at the beach on the Cape near our family home in Chatham. Harding’s Beach has always been a great clean beach.

I sat for a few seconds and saw it right off. OK the seaweed but then I took a walk further & right off noticed the immense horseshoe crab die off.

Ive been there my whole life & Ive never seen this. Yes storms bring in many things but one species & not others & only the young of the species. Something was wrong to me and I had to show it.

I’ll get right to it. Yes I suspect it has a relation to the Corexit 9500 & that the currents have carried that deadly poison to our shores. Our own Fishing industry & livelihood is not only in jeopardy but more important our lives our health is. This will last our life time and then on.

This is significant & critical as to the scope of this environmental disaster & how it will or is affecting anywhere the waters flow around the globe.

Our government has signed off to the industry and military to allow the use of this dispersant Corexit 9500 & it is deadly. Don’t let them tell you other wise & those who dropped it I’m sure they know in their own hearts it was wrong.

It’s like they dropped the A bomb and I’m serious about this people. We have been poisoned and it is not isolated to the Gulf and I do not believe it was an accident.

I am very upset over the oil spill and what they used to disperse or cover up the magnitude of the spill. We know we are being messed with and it’s our lives and our children’s lives. They do not care.

Our sea is dying and it is too late. This event in the Gulf has really done us in. Millions of gallons PLUS this Corexit 9500 has been injected into the well under the sea and also sprayed from up above by our own air force.

What did they think would be the result of such an action? Who signed off on such a thing? Who? You know who!

This is no longer a threat to our shores but to others as well outside our own country. This is a Global event & my little film here is nothing but a small fragment of what is to come.

“The Canary in the Mine” for sure.

BP was & is in control of our beaches telling our own people who wanted to report on the issue they had no jurisdiction and were not allowed to photograph or walk the most contaminated areas. I do not buy the “it was for their own safety” We have no idea of the scope of this yet but I can only estimate. Not imagine I’m thinking the reality is very scary at this point.

Forget the most contaminated areas. They are all contaminated.

This is so devastating it is Global. Wake up people were really in a Global Crisis were all in this together and I am not sure we can get out of this one.

I took samples of the Horseshoe crabs to an environmental testing lad today. The manager was called in & a marine biologist & we talked and we all agreed what can we do? nothing at this point but spread what we have found.

They didn’t even have to test. They knew. That’s what is scary. They knew. The manager was a diver & he knew it was possible & it was here. So he was in agreement but the reality is what can we do now that the damage is done.

I told him this was not about money this was about an environmental disaster we have no control over and all we can do now is report on it. No fund will recover our marine life. we don’t have to pay law firms to tell us what we already know.

Our fishing industry is going to die but that’s the least of our worries. We may go along with it.

There is nothing at this point to do but to yell all about it. He agreed yes the contamination had reached our shores. That’s all I needed to hear. He was a diver and knew this was not good and not surprised.

I told him the dispersant was light enough to make its way up the coast in the currents to Massachusetts. He agreed.

He agreed but what can we do about it? What can we do!!!!!! It’s happened how can we correct it? We can’t.

Really this is horrible & I’m just showing you what I alone have seen and I’ll write more later. This is my own evidence.

It has made it to our shores who is next. Oh and yes this is no surprise and how long has this been going on? It isnt the first time I can say that with a clear mind

No the oceans are not warm because of the climate change they are warming because they have been poisoned with a chemical so lethal it has created a thermal chemical reaction..

The thermo change is from the chemical reaction in the water due to contamination which effects the marine life more and the crustaceans are the first to go so here we are.

If we notice the birds die off then we know for sure. They have ingested the guts of the crabs so it’s moving up the food chain.

Do not trust your country to have your back they have allowed this and I am more than upset.

NOAA’s shoreline threat updates


3 thoughts on “Massive Horseshoe Crab Die Off in Cape Cod: Corexit poisoning?

  1. The lungs on the crab you flipped over were brown. I have been to Cape May, and Jersey beaches all my life, and never seen dead babies. They usually get MUCH larger than those shown in your video. Great job getting this out! Anyone who denies that these died from something other than Corexit and oil, is either helping to cover up on purpose, or has their head so far up their rectum, that they’ll never see the light of truth! I have been saying from day one, that this is a global issue, and NOT a gulf issue, and people are in such a ridiculous state of denial, thanks to or corporate run , mainstream media, lying to the public about what’s really going on, and what the impacts will be. This is just the beginning! That well may be plugged, but that doesn’t matter. The damage is done, and it’s too late to reverse it. People will be “mysteriously” getting cancer, and other illnesses from this, for generations, and the media will just keep covering it up.


  2. Interesting video – I am confused, though. In your narration, you mentioned ‘thousands’ of dead limulus – but in the video I could only see a handful, perhaps less than a dozen… plus I couldn’t tell whether the shells had corpses (recently died) or were just empty shells (died a while ago). Can you clarify the numbers? I was out on tuckernuck island around this time and there were the usual numbers of dead lying around. You could try contacting WHOI or the UMass field station to see if they’ve noticed anything; they monitor this stuff.


    • I would suggest visiting the youtube page and commenting there.. I am not the videographer, but have just shared the video here.


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