Ian MacDonald, oceanography professor, says Gov’t report on oil is “mostly spin”

Ian MacDonald, oceanography professor at Florida, says Gov’t report on oil is mostly spin.

‘For clarity, we are dealing with 17 Exxon Valdez units of oil – only 20% of this is accounted for in the government report.  Some [of that 20%] has been burned or skimmed, which does remove the oil, but the chemical dispersion leaves the oil in the ocean.’

“The most misleading thing you could say is that 75% of the oil is gone – that not what the report says.  The report says that 40-45% of the oil is still in the water, and then we have on top of that the 26% which is the residual – the buried stuff that can last for decades, and the floating stuff that will come ashore for weeks and months to come.”

Watch the interview here

(there are a couple of places where the video sticks – just wait a sec and it will will continue on – well worth your time!)

Editor’s note:  We received this comment today, and thought to reprint it here, because the effect of the lying and cover up in the Gulf right now has a very real impact on the health of our brothers and sisters. The fact that we can’t see as much oil on the surface of the water is nothing to celebrate. Go here to learn more about BP’s use of the dispersant Corexit.

Delores Suarez says:
08/04/2010 at 2:54 pm

I am in Ocean Springs,Mississippi. Our community needs help. Our local officials have continued to let people get in the water that they know is contaminated. The public was not notified that BP was using dispersent in our water. The dispersent was sprayed at night and the beaches remained open. Tourists and locals alike have been exposed. Now they have opened the water for fishing. People won’t listen they believe the PR that they are being told without questioning because the government is supposed to take care of them, and they have sold us out.


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