The Ed Show: Victims of Gulf oil spill await payment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

See Also:

Plaintiffs Attorneys Knock BP Fund Administrator

While we’ve got your attention, some tweets from today:

There is not an ugly enough word to capture the horrible nature of what is happening in the Gulf.

“We don’t have to pollute the ocean more to clean the oil. Dispersants were mistake. Many environmental rules: how was it allowed?”

-Kevin Costner at Aspen Environment Forum. via @aimeerc

EPA’s PR Stunts – discover the agency behind the curtain

Anyone with a potential or current claim against BP should read this:

BP Response Workers Report Low Morale, Lack of Pay, Sickness

Internal documents contradict BP engineer’s testimony

Experts: Health Hazards in Gulf Warrant Evacuations! (RT @sscoop4 Is BP or Govt Listening?)

Philippe Cousteau Briefs Alyssa Milano, Jason Mraz, Stephen Baldwin on Gulf Oil Disaster

Soot in the Sky, Gas in the Water -UCSB Scientist Studies Microbes in the Gulf that Eat Gas and Oil, but Deplete Oxygen

Fora TV- BP Using Oil Dispersant to Cover Tracks? (also, it is killing microbes that eat oil)

Does BP have more power than the US government? No, but the owners of BP do.

Geochemist in Gulf says “When it rains, a lot of junk comes down from the particulate”

Fishing Closures and Seafood Sniffing: Addressing Gulf Seafood Safety (check out the part on dispersants)

Gulf oil crisis – poll shows declining interest


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