Dispersants – Bob Cavnar on Studio B With Shepard Smith

From Fox News, May 25

In my humble opinion, since dispersants only spread the oil, not make it less toxic or disappear, they are being used to try and hide the evidence. (Remember, BP’s financial liability is dependent upon the amount of oil we can prove was spilled.)  We know that the dispersants make this mess even more toxic. The EPA has gently asked Almighty BP to find a less toxic dispersant, to which BP replied, “No”. The EPA then asked BP to use less of it.

UPDATE 5/28: MSNBC reporting Carol Browner from the White House says they no longer have issues with the use of Corexit.  BP claims it is no worse than dish-washing liquid.  That is not true, it is a very heavy industrial chemical that is highly toxic, and we have put 1 million gallons of it in the Ocean.



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