New Oil Forecast Map



9 thoughts on “New Oil Forecast Map

  1. I worked on inland oil rig’s when I was younger. I have an idea I am sure the engineers that work for BP have thought of, but it is so simple they probably don’t think it will work. I think it is worth a try. They seem to be on the right track but keep falling short. I think it will stop the oil flow all together.
    you can contact me by e-mail address, or phone # 210-379-6133.
    PS: When this problem started I was contacted by a logistics company for anchors. They said BP needed thousands, I found them thousands, then all of a sudden they said the anchor project was put on hold. By the looks of things,with the booms floating ashore they should have anchored them as originally planned.
    Truly I think I can help.

    Thanks, Tom


  2. Suggestion:Why can’t line you line up hundreds of empty oil tankers and pump the already spilled oil from the ocean and ship it off to the refinerys for purification? No, it wouldn’t solve the problem, but at least it could slow down the flow, if ever so slightly, as you work on repairing the pipe. Every inch of the Gulf Coast that is spaired of pollution would be well worth the effort.


    • Hi Annette! We’re not actually BP, but they are taking suggestions here:
      BP Opens Hotline For Spill Solutions – BP: Do You Have Ideas To Help Us? Hope this helps!!


  3. I was also thinking of something infaltable but maybe more like the material of a air ballon but shaped more like a Zepplin. Have a tube or pole attached inside one end with hole throughout the tube and you could use the same mixture that was use in the top kill and fill it up slowly until it conforms to the hole and let it slowly form and dry. Maybe the Germans have something you can use because of their continued research in that type of technology.


  4. bp have you thought of inflatable air bagl pushed in with the robotic arm and inflated to plug the well? as a matter of fact several bags could be deployed designed to dig in so the pressure would not push them out when inflated. just an idea


  5. My seafood business is hurting right now i don’t if i can recover.Just going too hang in there like the veteran soldier that i’m am bless all……………….


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